13 Jan

 Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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 40 minutes

Meet the penguins at Ski Dubai during this 40-minute penguin experience. At the state-of-the-art indoor center in Dubai, change into the provided thermal wear, enter the sub-zero penguin zone, and watch a video about the Gentoo and King penguins that live here. Then, meet two or more of the wonderful birds under supervision from the trained staff. Watch the penguins playing around their pool, and diving into the water at the underwater viewing area.

Make your own way to Ski Dubai at Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates to arrive well in advance of your penguin experience. The ski center has a state-of-the-art penguin enclosure and educational zone with a pool, deck and habitation area for a colony of gentoo and king penguins, who are able to roam free within it and are cared for and fed — with regular servings of fish — by a skilled team.

On arrival, put on your provided thermal clothes and gloves in the locker room. Then, meet your guide and enter the penguin zone, where sub-zero temperatures replicate the birdsÂ’ natural habitat. Groups for your penguin encounter are limited to a maximum of 12 people, allowing for a personalized experience.

After a briefing on your penguin interaction, watch a video on the gentoo and king birds youÂ’re about to meet. Learn about their natural habitats in places such as Antarctica, and how to tell the species apart by their distinctive markings. With the rest of your group, come face-to-face with a gentoo penguin as your guide talks you through its speciesÂ’ characteristics.

Enjoy some time to watch the penguins waddling around their pool and deck, and view them underwater. Watch spellbound through the underwater glass wall as they dive, paddle, and skim through the water!

After around 40 minutes, leave the cold zone and change out of your thermal wear. Your experience ends when you leave Ski Dubai.

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