13 Jan

 Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tour Type: Water Sports>> Snorkeling >> Family Friendly Tours & Activities >> >>
 30 minutes

Come face to face with Grey Reef Sharks, Fan-tail rays, Cow nose rays and Giant Groupers in safety inside a metal & perspex cage. An experience you surely wouldn’t dare to break out.

Jump into a 10-million liter aquarium without an air tank for the ultimate adrenaline thrill in Dubai, and come face-to-face with 70 different marine species.

Climb into a metal Perspex cage with a dive instructor, and descend into a tank teeming with life. If you donÂ’t fancy a fully-fledged dive, you can experience the same thrills in a safe cage setting. No diving experience is necessary, but your must be comfortable in water and in enclosed spaces.

Meet your diving instructor to collect and put on your snorkeling gear. Then dive into the secure cage in the aquarium. See over 70 different marine species swim by, including some 300 sharks and rays at close quarters.

Located on the Ground Level of Dubai Mall, the Dubai Aquarium is the largest suspended aquarium in the world. Home to thousands of aquatic animals from 70 different species, highlights include the largest collection of Sand Tiger sharks in the world.

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